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History and simultaneity

The village Jablonov nad Turňov lies in a valley of Slovenský kras under the gap Soroška. The first mention about the village is from the years 1332-1335. In the year 1430 it states under the name Almas. Construction of railway track Turňa – Rožňava contributes to development of the village after the Second World War. The village captures you with well-kept surroudings. In the square opposite municipal office near a park there is situated original Gothic Roman-Catholic church of the Holliest Trinity from the 14th century. Supporting piers in choir closing have preserved from Gothic period. For the last time the church was refashioned after the fire in the year 1910. Classicistic church of reformed denomination from the end of the 18th century stands a street further. Besides that in the village is a health centre, elementary school with a gym that is used not only by children and football pitch. To the south from the village on the plain Dolný vrch near borders with Hungary there is 100 m deep Obrovská priepasť (Giant abyss)